PS5 Will Be More Fun Than PS4, Confirms Developer

You heard it here first: the PlayStation 5 will be more fun than the PlayStation 4. How much more [...]

You heard it here first: the PlayStation 5 will be more fun than the PlayStation 4. How much more fun will the PS5 be? Who knows, but, it will be more fun, or at least that's what one developer is claiming. More specifically, according to studio head of Chameleon Games Omar Sawi, the PlayStation 5's innards will make it easier to focus on what makes games great: being fun. And a big reason developers will be able to focus on simply making fun games is because of the system's new Solid State Drive, which will improve console gaming in a variety of ways, and allow developers to worry less about hardware restrictions, which have been a problem for the PS4 the farther it gets away from its initial release.

For Sawi and his team, they have had to design levels a specific way because they didn't want loading screens, and so naturally this has restricted them greatly. However, with the new SSD, the PS5 promises to drastically reduce load times, and in some cases, will eliminate them all together, which in turn will allow developers more freedom.

"This is great," said Sawi about the PS5's SSD while speaking to Gaming Bolt. "Because loading times are a pain. And it's hard to mask them away. We had to think very hard about it on current gen, because we didn't want loading screens. So we had to design levels around that, for example making a tunnel a bit longer than necessary or creating an intermediary cave level so the next big level would load in time without a loading screen, since a regular HD is quite slow. An SSD would make it easier to focus on what is the most fun."

Sawi continued:

"With action games, having everything being very immediate and responsive is part of what makes them pleasurable. That starts with the controls of the character, that it is very responsive and preferably at a high frame rate, but it also extends to how the game starts and everything happening in between."

Of course, by this thread of logic, every new console is more fun than its predecessor. And in many ways, this is true. However, I'd say some of the most fun games in video game history come from yesteryear generations.

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