PS5 and PS4 Players Have Hours Left to Claim Freebie That Normally Costs $30

PS5 players have less than 24 hours to claim a freebie that normally would set them back $30. Unfortunately, if you're on PS4, there's a similar offer, but it's inferior. Why this is, we don't know, but it could have to do with how much larger the install base of the PS4. It could also just be to promote the still fairly new PS5. Whatever the case, on PS4 it boils down to $15 of savings rather than $30.

As for the freebie, it's specifically the fruits of a deal between Sony and Apple. For nearly six months, PS5 users have been able to redeem six months of Apple TV+ for free. Six months of the subscription service would normally set you back $30 as it costs $5 a month. That said, tomorrow -- aka July 22 -- this deal is set to expire. The same applies to PS4, but PS4 users only receive three months of the subscription service on the house, amounting to $15 in savings. 

If you're already a subscriber or on a trial, you can redeem this offer/stack it up. However, if your subscription is the result of a bundle like Apple One, then the offer does not extend to you. Here's where the second catch for PS4 users comes into play. Unlike PS5, where the offer is extended to pre-existing members as well as new members, on PS4 the offer is only available for new members.

As noted, you may have already taken advantage of this offer as it's been available for months. Tomorrow it's going to expire though so, again, if it's July 22 or beyond and you're reading this, you missed out. 

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