PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra Adds Free Trial, But There's a Catch

The all-new tiered version of PlayStation Plus has added an extra little something for a very specific subset of users. New subscribers now have the option to sign up to the higher tiers of PlayStation Plus -- PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra -- with a seven-day free trial included. New subscribers in the United Kingdom, that is, as the freebie does not appear to have been replicated unilaterally across the various regions that PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra support and is not currently available in North America, for example.

More specifically, PlayStation Plus' subscriptions for a single month, three months, and twelve months now include a seven-day free trial in the United Kingdom. This appears to only be available to new subscribers in the United Kingdom and is not available as part of the most basic tier of service, PlayStation Plus Essential. It also appears that these trials are not available separately -- new subscribers have to sign up for at least a month of service to get the seven-day free trial. That's £13.49 per month for PlayStation Plus Premium at the one-month level and £10.99 per month for PlayStation Plus Extra at the one-month level.

That said, PlayStation's terms indicate that anyone can cancel during the trial period in order to prevent being charged, but will roll into the subscription billing if not canceled. "At the end of your trial period, your PlayStation Plus subscription will automatically roll into an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee charged automatically at the frequency you choose when you sign up for the trial," PlayStation's terms read in part. "If you want to prevent this, you can cancel your subscription prior to the end of the trial period. You can continue to use the benefits until the last day of the trial period even if you cancel before that.

As noted above, the free PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra seven-day trials are currently available in the United Kingdom for new subscribers. The phrasing of PlayStation's terms makes it sound like this could expand in the future, however. More generally, the new tiered version of PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium is currently available in major regions of the globe where PlayStation Plus is offered. You can check out all of our previous coverage of PlayStation in general right here.

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