PUBG Is Going to Keep Working at Getting the Blood Effects Right

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds involves a whole lot of shooting, and assuming you actually hit your marks, you'll see some blood coming off of your targets. PUBG Corp. took a stab at improving those blood effects back in December, though not everyone was totally pleased with the results. The studio acknowledged those concerns and released a hotfix later in the month to improve them again, but with sentiments from the community still suggesting that there's more room for improvement, PUBG Corp. said it's going to keep working on the effect until it feels right.

A lengthy breakdown of the blood effect changes was shared by PUBG Corp. at the end of January to show where the changes started and where they still have left to go. The developer highlighted different areas which were previously addressed such as wound textures and how blood splattered on the environment before acknowledging the community concerns again.

"After roll out, we came across a few concerns thanks in part to community reporting," the PUBG post said. "One of the main points being that the new blood effect was harder to see than before. After the blood effect update, it was reduced in size and visibility, making it difficult to see at distances or unclear when characters were in the shadows. We deployed a hotfix on December 23 to increase the size and visibility of the new blood effect and to fix the issue with incorrect blood colors displaying under various lighting conditions. Even with the hotfix, there are still feedback from the players that the visibility of blood effect is still not clear compared to the original version."

Looking ahead to the future of PUBG, the developer said it'd be looking at adjusting the color of the blood effect, the rate at which the effect occurs, and the overall texture of the effect. The video above was shared to show some of what's being worked on.

If you're playing PUBG on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you won't see any of the new blood effects at all that were released previously. The developer said it reverted the changes as a response to performance issues with more improvements coming later for consoles.


"On console, the new blood effects are currently reverted, as we saw performance issues which need to be worked out before we can reapply the patch," PUBG Corp. said. "Once this issue is resolved, we can start working on improving the effects on console as well."

The goal is to have the improvements made throughout the month, so expect to see more updates on the matter in the coming weeks.