PUBG Contest Will Add Fan-Made Skins to the Game

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds players who've been sitting on some ideas for skins for a while now have the chance to see their creations officially added to the game thanks to a new contest. For PUBG's 3rd Anniversary Skin Contest, players are being asked to submit their designs of skins for a hoodie, an M416, and a parachute. Only one winner for each category will be chosen, and those winners will have their skins added to the game and will also receive some rewards.

Details of the PUBG contest were shared on the game's site where PUBG Corp. outlined the process by which submissions will be made and winners will be picked. Players are being asked to share their skin ideas on social media after downloading the appropriate templates and creating the cosmetics. The developers will pick a few finalists, and it'll be up to the community after that to decide which ones win.

"To enter, simply download the template, create your design and then share it on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #PUBGSkinContest and tag our official account on that platform, which is usually @PUBG," the PUBG team said. "Our team will choose our favorites and upload the finalists to The winners will be chosen by community votes. So even if you don't want to design a skin, you can still vote for your favorites."

Submissions will be judged based on creativity, how closely they adhere to the contest guidelines and "correlation with PUBG brand identity" which basically means "does this skin look like it belongs in PUBG?" Some additional rules for the contest outline what's required and what's prohibited. No "greenish camouflage color" or anything that looks like a Ghillie suit can be made, the skins can't be offensive, and they can't have any affiliation with political or religious organizations. Using trademarked objects and stealing people's work is of course prohibited as well.

The PUBG team also said it reserves the right to alter artwork for chosen skins, though hopefully that won't happen too much to any winners. The contest guidelines also said "Winners and finalists will all receive special gifts for their impressive work," though it wasn't revealed what those rewards would be.


Submissions for this contest are open until January 5th with voting on the winners starting a few days afterwards.