PUBG: New State Opens Registration for Alpha Test

Krafton’s new mobile game called PUBG: New State will soon get an alpha test in the United [...]

Krafton's new mobile game called PUBG: New State will soon get an alpha test in the United States with registration for that preview open now for those who want to try the game out. The alpha test is scheduled to start on June 11th and will end on June 13th, a window which should allow for plenty of testing assuming you're able to get into the preview. Registration for the alpha is open now with only a few steps required to be entered for consideration.

To sign up for the PUBG: New State alpha, simply head to the page set up for the test on the game's site. You'll see the list of things to know there that include a limit of one application per Google account and that the test is currently only being run in the United States. You also have to have an Android device to partake, so those on the iOS platform won't be able to join in just yet. Once you meet those requirements, you'll be asked to take a survey before you're able to get into the alpha itself.

Signups for the alpha will are live now and will be available until June 6th at which point the forms will no longer be available. After that, you'll have to wait a few more days until the alpha starts, so if you don't hear back about getting in right away, you've got time to gain access.

In a press release detailing what to expect from the alpha, Krafton said it'll use this alpha to measure "an early version of the game's performance, server and network stability, and in-development gameplay systems." Currency drops and in-game items like outfits will be available for players to freely use during the test, but you don't get to keep your progress from this alpha to whatever test happens next, so don't plan on hoarding your content to bring with you next time. Krafton said that all game data will be wiped before the live service launches, so you'll have to start anew when PUBG: New State releases.

As for that game's release date, it doesn't have an exact one just yet, but Krafton reaffirmed that the game is planned for a release on mobile devices sometime in 2021.