Xbox Celebrates Over 4 Million PUBG Players With Battle Point Freebies

Now that the popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds battle royale experience is on console, many [...]

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Now that the popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds battle royale experience is on console, many Xbox players are putting forth their best effort to get that delectable poultry feast. Today marks a new milestone for the Microsoft platform, as the team celebrates over 4 million players active on the biggest online title on the market right now.

With the sixth update for the Xbox One version now live, the team is added a few additional bonuses to commemorate the big occasion! Here is what they had to say and how the team is giving back to the players that made this feat possible:

"To show the community our appreciation for your support and feedback, we are rewarding players with 30,000 Battle Points to purchase cosmetic crates in the game. Anyone who has purchased or purchases PUBG on Xbox One and has created a character before January 31 at 12AM PST will receive this bonus, so if you've been waiting to jump onto the island, now is the perfect time to become a part of our growing community on console. Bonus Battle Points will be delivered and appear directly in players BP accounts (right below their gamertag) after February 1, 2018 at 12AM PT."

The Battle Points being given away can be used to buy personalised cosmetic items for your toon to give that personal style when taking out the competition. Wear some sick shades while throwing that shade, or just gear up with a sweet new pair of combat boots. No matter what you choose to spend them on, they are on the house courtesy of Team Xbox.

The Microsoft crew also promises to continue working hard on the game while it is still a part of the Preview Program with optimization and a smoother gaming experience for all.

PUBG is now available for Xbox One and PC. PC players are finally getting a chance to enjoy the game at its highest potential now that it is out of Early Access. As far as the PlayStation 4 platform, talks continue but Sony is slowing down negotiations until the game reaches further along in the development process, which is fair!

(via Xbox)