PUBG's Season 13 Update Changes 2 Maps

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is poised to kick off its new season next week, and ahead of [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is poised to kick off its new season next week, and ahead of Season 13's release, Krafton shared the patch notes to show off everything that's changing. Within those notes are details about changes coming to the Sanhock and Taego maps, the latter being the map introduced last season that's sticking around again for Season 13. The update in question will first arrive on the PC platform on August 4th before it comes to consoles, too, on August 12th.

Between the two maps being altered, Taego receives the bulk of the changes in the Season 13 update which makes sense given how it's the newest map to be released. The PUBG developers said the changes affecting Taego are responses to feedback from the community that led to a number of decisions being made.

Below is everything that's happening to Taego and Sanhok when the game's next update releases:


Multi Care Packages

  • Increased the number of Care Packages
    • Standard Care Packages: One
    • Small Care Packages: 5 – 15
  • Multi-drop Care Package Contents
    • Ammo, healing items, throwables. Standard Care Package spawn items can also be found inside, with low probability.

Secret Room

  • How to enter the Secret Room
    • After obtaining the key, you can open the secret room door and enter to loot items.
  • Available items
    • Self AED
    • Scopes
    • Low chance of Care Package items
    • Large number of healing items and throwables

Emergency Landing

  • The emergency landing plane moves faster than the standard starting plane, but the fall height varies greatly, resulting in a varied falling duration.
    • The farther you jump at the beginning of the flight, the farther you can travel. The later you jump off, the shorter you can travel, as the plane altitute decreases.
  • If you decide not to jump off the plane, you'll take 50% damage at the end of its journey.

Item Spawn Changes

  • Spawn Rate Changes
    • Self AED: 37% increase
    • Stocks: 1% decrease
    • Stun Grenade: 14% decrease
    • Molotov Cocktail: 3% decrease
  • New Items Added
    • Emergency Pickup
    • C4
    • Spike Trap


Northwest Island Geographical Improvements

  • Added small cliffs and rocks to be used as cover on the south beach of the northwest island.

Northwest Island Temple at the Summit Improvements

  • Relocated the Temple.
    • Removed the buildings which did not have item spawns and replaced them with new buildings containing item spawns.
  • Removed cliffs and added cover.
  • Adjusted the angles of the rocks.

PUBG's next update will be released on August 4th for PC users first.