PUBG Releases New Map, Revive Mechanics for Testing

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have a new update to try out on the game’s test servers with the [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have a new update to try out on the game's test servers with the pre-release of Update 12.2. This update brings with it some notable features just like we've come to expect from the occasional PUBG patch with Update 12.2 bringing two key changes: A new map called "Taego" and two different revival mechanics connected to the map.

Like the original Erangel map, Taego is an 8x8 battleground. It's set in 1980s South Korea and is currently only available for testing right now, but it'll come to PCs on July 7th and on consoles on July 15th whenever the official updates go live.

Coinciding with the release of the map for testing were patch notes detailing everything players need to know about the map, the "Comeback BR" mechanic, and the "Self AED" with both of those revival systems exclusive to the Taego map. Comeback BR allows people to drop back into the match if they die before the end of the first Blue Zone while the Self AED is a loot item that allows players to revive themselves under the right circumstances.

The notes pertaining to each of those features can be seen below:


  • Taego is available as the Featured Map.
  • Playable in TPP and FPP.
    • Solo and Squads, including 1-man Squad Modes are available.
    • Duos are not available.
    • Depending on your region, available modes and perspectives will vary.
  • Up to 100 players.
  • Bots can spawn.
  • Clear weather.
  • No Red Zone.
  • Wildlife: Two friendly bird varieties reside throughout Taego, reacting to player movement and gunfire.
  • Taego is available in Custom Matches.
  • Sandbox Mode is available for PUBG Partners.

Comeback BR

  • Comeback BR is exclusive to Taego Squad matches.
  • Players who die before the first Blue Zone phase ends are eligible and see a timer indicating when Comeback BR begins.
    • At least one Squad member must be alive on the Battlegrounds for teammates to remain eligible to enter Comeback BR.
  • All eligible participants are sent simultaneously to the Comeback Arena, separate from the main fight, and must find loot and items to stay alive, competing against other survivors.
  • There are no bots or knockdowns in Comeback BR.
  • Survive the timer indicated while fighting in the Comeback Arena, and you'll be transported back to the Taego mainland via helicopter with all your items and gear to continue your fight for the Chicken Dinner.
  • While health and boost levels are reset upon returning to the fight, your kills and stats are still recorded.

Self AED

  • Press the interact button or click the Self AED in your inventory to activate the self-revive.
    • Cannot be canceled once started.
    • Cannot be used while already being revived by another teammate.
  • Squads: The Self AED can be used even if your entire Squad is DBNO, as a teammate holding the Self AED prevents your Squad from being immediately eliminated.
    • This gives you chance to self-revive and then revive your teammates.
    • If the whole Squad remains DBNO, you will be eliminated once all players with a Self AED are killed.
  • Solo: Having a Self AED allows you to enter DBNO instead of being instantly killed.
  • Self AED uses are recorded as revives in your stats.