Puma Reveals New NES Sneakers

Sneakers based on video games seem to be all the rage at the moment, and Puma is getting in on the action with a pair based on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The Puma Future Rider Sneakers feature a coloration that matches the gray, black, and red colors of the original NES console. The sneakers also include a hangtag of the console's iconic controller, and the tongue features box art from the original Super Mario Bros. game. Finally, the interior of the sneakers features artwork inspired by Bowser's castle. This year marks the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., so it seems that the sneakers are just another way that Nintendo is celebrating the game in 2020!

In addition to the NES Future Riders, Puma is also releasing sneakers based on the games from Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Fans of Nintendo's mustachioed plumber will have the opportunity to grab sneakers based on Super Mario 64 (Future Rider), Super Mario Sunshine (Clyde), and Super Mario Galaxy (RS-Fast). Each pair features details that reflect the game, including stars for Super Mario Galaxy, and what appears to be a burst of water for Super Mario Sunshine. Like the sneakers based on the NES, these shoes also have hangtags of Mario inspired by his appearance in that title. Prices for these sneakers range from $80-120.

NES Pumas
(Photo: Puma)

Super Mario Sunshine is also getting a second pair of sneakers based on the game. These RS-Dreamer sneakers feature a subtler design than the rest; an aqua pattern covers the sneakers, and a Shine can be found on each of the heels. This pair will retail for $125.

It certainly seems like fans of Nintendo and Mario will have plenty of ways that they can show their love for the brand in the very near future! With four of the character's most beloved adventures depicted across these shoes, it seems like there's something for every Mario fan! All of the sneakers can be found right here at Puma.com. The sneakers based on the games from Super Mario 3D All-Stars will be released on November 27th. The pair based on the Nintendo Entertainment System will be available on December 4th for $90.

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