Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Play and Cross-Progression Dates Revealed

Cross-play and cross-progression are coming to Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft announced this week [...]

Cross-play and cross-progression are coming to Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft announced this week during its Ubisoft Forward event. We already knew that the game would be getting cross-play since that was in testing previously, but we now know the dates for when those features will arrive on different platforms. Cross-play and cross-progression will come to the PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna versions on June 30th and will come to consoles in early 2022. At that point, cross-progression will be supported between all platforms.

The plans for cross-play and cross-progression in Rainbow Six Siege were detailed after Ubisoft talked about Rainbow Six Extraction. Touting the number of players that have been active in Rainbow Six Siege now since its release, Ubisoft confirmed the dates for cross-play and cross-progression and said everyone will be playing with one another and sharing content throughout the platforms by early 2022.

"Over 70 million people have played Rainbow Six Siege since its launch over five years ago, and soon, more of those players will be able to play together than ever before," Ubisoft said about Rainbow Six Siege. "On June 30, Rainbow Six Siege will launch on Stadia. From this date, players on PC, Stadia, and Amazon Luna will be able to queue for matches together and have unified account progression across those platforms with the launch of crossplay and cross-progression on PC and cloud-based platforms. Then, in early 2022, players on Xbox and PlayStation platforms will be able to team up and face off as crossplay comes to consoles, and cross-progression launches across all platforms."

Along with the details about cross-play and cross-progression, Ubisoft also talked about its plans for the next phase of Rainbow Six Siege content during Ubisoft Forward. That content will come in the form of the North Star Operation which is scheduled to launch on June 14th. It brings with it the game's newest Operator called "Thunderbird" who was revealed last month, an Operator who's able to heal teammates and can even revive them with her Kóna Stations gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege will get cross-play and cross-progression for the PC, Luna, and Stadia versions of the game on June 30th with cross-play and full cross-progression coming to consoles in early 2022.