Rainbow Six Siege Tests Big Jackal Changes

Ubisoft is changing Jackal’s Rainbow Six Siege gadgets on the test servers to better capitalize [...]

Ubisoft is changing Jackal's Rainbow Six Siege gadgets on the test servers to better capitalize on the Operator's ability to take in information and potentially share it with his teammates. Jackal is still able to register enemy movements using his Eyenox Model III gadget and can track their footprints, but he'll be able to discern more info from seeing those prints. He'll also now be able to keep that info for himself to better track them solo or can broadcast the information to his teammates at a trade-off.

The changes for Rainbow Six Siege's surveilling Operator were shared on the subreddit for the test server where we frequently see changes like this one previewed. Jackal is the full focus of this test server update that's now live on those servers with just a few other bugfixes joining the Operator's gadget adjustments in the update.

You can see all of the changes being considered for Jackal below. They're pretty self-explanatory if you're familiar with how Jackal currently plays, but the video also included below gives an idea of what these changes will look like in-game.


  • The number of pings Jackal receives from a scan now depends on the age of the footprint.
  • When eyenox is active, the color and the highlight around the target print will depict the age of the print. Highlighting and scanning a colored print will return a varying number of pings based on its age.
    • Red print (
    • Yellow print (16s-30s old): 4 Pings
    • Green print (31s-60s old): 3 pings
    • Blue print (61s-90s old): 2 Pings
  • Once the scan has completed, Jackal has to decide between keeping the information to himself, or sharing it with his teammates. If he chooses to keep the information to himself, he will be able to track the footsteps and trail of the scanned operator without using his scanning. If he chooses to share the information with his teammates, he and his teammates will receive a ping on the enemy and the footprints will disappear after the scan.
  • Jackal can no longer either see or scan prints from below.
  • Replaced Jackal's Breach Charges with a Claymore.
  • Added a highlight VFX to indicate which footstep is being scanned.
  • Added a scanning progress bar.

Like any changes, there's a chance that these might not ship to the live servers or could be adjusted before they're released to the public.