Rainbow Six Siege Leak Hints at Iconic WWE Wrestler Skins

Rainbow Six Siege may be adding skins for some of WWE's most iconic wrestlers. Ubisoft has leaned into the live service angle extremely hard over the last decade or so. During the Xbox 360 era, Ubisoft used to crank out tons of games on an annual basis, much to the company's success. On Xbox 360 alone, there were three Splinter Cell games, two Rainbow Six games (and one canceled one), and multiple Ghost Recon games. Since the arrival of the Xbox One and PS4, there has been precisely zero Splinter Cell games, one Rainbow Six game, and two Ghost Recon titles. Things have slowed down in the years since, but that's just because Ubisoft has pivoted to focus on supporting its games long-term instead of making new ones.

Rainbow Six Siege, for example, is running seven years strong now. It's regularly supported with new content such as maps, operators, and more. The game is still getting tons of new content and a new leak indicates we may be seeing some real life superstars join the battle. According to data miner lungu_r6, The Undertaker and Becky Lynch are coming to Rainbow Six Siege. The skins appear to be for Blackbeard and Thorn respectively, though it's unclear when they will appear in the game or how much they will cost. It's possible there will be some kind of WWE event in the game or something to tie it together, but all we have right now is an image of the two models and no additional info.

wwe x r6

This is one of the more interesting DLCs that Ubisoft has added, as it has usually kept it within its own franchises. Characters like Sam Fisher have been added to Rainbow Six Siege in the past, somewhat to the dismay of Splinter Cell fans who are hungry for a new game in the series. Thankfully, Ubisoft is hard at work on a Splinter Cell remake and is looking for a writer to reimagine the story for a modern era.

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