Rainbow Six Siege Teases, Leaks Hint at New Event

The Rainbow Six Siege team appears to be teasing a new event that’s poised to start on August [...]

The Rainbow Six Siege team appears to be teasing a new event that's poised to start on August 3rd. The teasers released so far come in the form of cryptic messages shared via public service announcements and radio programs which both point towards the game's Consulate map. Ubisoft's teasers don't give away too many secrets, but some leaks have taken care of that themselves by revealing some of what's to come.

The two teasers below were shared by the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account this week with the first being the "routine safety announcement" which certainly did not make it seem like everything was under control. Players speculated at the time whether this might be a new map or not, though others picked up on clues that pointed to the Consulate.

To clear up any suspicions players might've had about what location the teasers were referring to, the second teaser directly above was shared on Friday to offer more details. The text in the tweet specifically mentioned the French Consulate with discussion of a "situation" going on there.

The Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account's cover photo also changed, too, to feature a much darker setting with the date of August 3rd listed there. based on the teasers and the new image, some people have suggested that this could be some sort of crossover event with the new Rainbow Six Extraction game.

Leaks like the one above added to those suspicions by showing off gameplay from whatever this new event is prior to its release. The Rainbow Six Siege leaker Zer0Bytes_ shared around two minutes of gameplay that shows someone who looks a lot like a zombie or some similar creature running around the halls of the Consulate map. Based on that alone, it sure looks like it could be a Rainbow Six Extraction event.

That new Rainbow Six game was supposed to be out on September 16th, but it was delayed this month. It's now without a release date, though if there was already a Rainbow Six Siege event planned around it for August, there's reason to believe that event could still go on even though the game got delayed.

Rainbow Six Siege's new event, whatever it may be, will start on August 3rd, so expect to hear more about the event before then.

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