First Rampage Trailer Revealed

The Rampage trailer has just gone live, and it looks bigger and wilder than we could have hoped! [...]

The Rampage trailer has just gone live, and it looks bigger and wilder than we could have hoped! Watch above!

Rampage will hit theaters on April 20, 2018. So how the hell is a game like Rampage even being converted into a feature-length film?! The plot is more ambitious than you'd think. Johnson plays primatologist Davis Okoye who has a close bond with a silverback gorilla named -- wait for it -- George. A scientific experiment goes predictably and horribly wrong and mutates George into a raging beast, and he's not the only one. Multiple animals have been transformed into terrifying destructive monsters, and they're destroying North America.

Now Okoye (Johnson) has a twofold mission: Stop these beasts from destroying the country, and save George from being destroyed. Get ready to laugh; get ready to cry; get ready to chew popcorn with your mouth open and stomp your feet like a savage as you relish in the over-the-top CG destruction. It's going to be a wild ride.

We also got our first look at all three of the main monsters in Rampage. The movie monsters are far-less colorful and far-less cartoony than their arcade and console counterparts. At least with George we know we're going to have some kind of emotional connection through Johnson's character, but the Wolf and the Lizard, which is now a Crocodile, apparently, are not the types of beasts that you're going to want to take home and keep as pets.

Overall this looks like the perfect action flick to go see with your buddies this spring. It's something that's going to delight old-school video game nerds and hardcore action movie nerds alike!

Now that we have our first-look, we can't wait to learn more about the other Rampage monsters. As soon as we get a closer look at these beasts and learn their origin stories we'll update you straight away. Stay tuned!