Red Dead Online's Newest Game Mode Is Paying Out Extra Rewards

Red Dead Online got a new game mode back in August whenever Rockstar Games released the "Call to Arms" mode in an update that was a bit larger than the typical release. The game mode was dishing out triple the rewards at the time, but those extras went away after a while. While the game mode's not giving out quite as much as it was when it first arrived, Rockstar Games has once again featured the Call to Arms game mode with increased bonuses for a limited time.

From now until September 13th whenever the game's next update releases, Red Dead Online players are eligible for the extra rewards starting on Tuesday. Call to Arms is paying out twice the amount of RDO$ and experience for that timeframe which isn't as much as the triple rewards from last month but is still far better than the baseline takeaways.

For those who never played the Call to Arms mode before, it's a wave-based survivor experience that takes place across different locations that should be familiar to those who play Red Dead Online and who played Red Dead Redemption 2.

"In Call to Arms, you and your allies have been recruited to protect various locations from up to 10 waves of incoming enemies," Rockstar Games said. "Arrange and position yourselves around the map to help defend Blackwater, Fort Mercer, Valentine, Strawberry, and MacFarlane's Ranch from invasions."

If you get tired of grinding the Call to Arms mode this week to earn the extra rewards, you can always turn to some Free Roam Missions for a break. Those missions are similarly paying out twice the RDO$, though, you won't get twice the experience from them. You will, however, get extra Capitale for your troubles.


"Should you happen upon any strangers offering Free Roam Missions, don't pass them idly by as they're all paying out 2X RDO$ through September 13," Rockstar Games said. "With crime on the rise, make sure to empty out the pockets of the fallen in all Gang Hideouts, Blood Money Crimes, and Free Roam Missions to find more Capitale than usual this week."

Red Dead Online's newest update with all these bonuses and more is now live across all platforms.