Red Dead Online Update Adds Halloween Masks, New Legendary Bounty, and More

Red Dead Online for PS4 and Xbox One has added a slab of new content to the game, like it does every Tuesday. And as always, one of the standouts of this new content is the new Legendary Bounty, as well as a selection of new Halloween masks. For this weekend, Rockstar Games wants to you to track down Philip Carlier, a swamp-dweller and twisted murderer. As always, to find the bounty, you can simply visit any Bounty Board in the game. Meanwhile, upon initial completion, the bounty will open back up with a harder difficulty.

Law offices across the West have requested the immediate apprehension of Philip Carlier, wanted for embezzlement and the murder of a fellow employee of the Lemoyne Trading Company. Since the killing two years ago, Carlier has lived alone, on the fringes, in the swamps of Lagras. It is said that this isolation, combined with a taste for dissociative chemicals, has twisted the middle-aged murderer's mind. This Legendary Bounty is considered extremely volatile and should only be approached by the most resolute of bounty hunters.

Meanwhile, with All Hallows' Eve approaching, Madam Nazar has obtained a collection of new masks that she's selling for a limited time.

"Additionally, players who are in any of the three Specialist Roles will get a free mask," writes Rockstar Games of the masks. "Licensed Bounty Hunters will receive an exclusive variant of the Creature Mask; Traders will receive an exclusive Swine Mask; while Collectors receive an exclusive Masquerade Mask -- all free of charge. Please allow 24 hours from logging into Red Dead Online for the masks to appear in your Wardrobe."

For more media and information everything new in Red Dead Online this week, be sure to peep Rockstar Games' official post about the update right here.