Red Dead Online Update Gives Players Trading Bonuses and Treasure

Red Dead Online expectedly got its latest update on Tuesday, and with that release came some new [...]

Red Dead Online expectedly got its latest update on Tuesday, and with that release came some new bonuses for people fond of trading and those who want to hunt for treasure. Many of the activities in Red Dead Online focused on Trader Missions are giving out more rewards than usual this week. Pamphlets and other items are also on sale as part of the game's recurring cycle of bonuses and discounts.

Every weekly update has some type of theme for players to engage with if they want to make more money, and this week, it's all about Trader Missions. Completing those sorts of activities will give players extra money and discounts on certain items if they complete the right tasks.

"Enterprising capitalists can make a pretty penny this week moving goods along the well-worn trade-routes crisscrossing the five states," Rockstar Games said about this week's update. "Stay local or move your payload across vast swathes of land, as all Trader Sell Missions are paying out 2X RDO$ through May 17th. In addition, completing any Trader Sale will also net you Offers for 40% off a Novice or Promising Trader Item and any Camp Dog."

For players who want to be involved in more confrontational tasks, you can get twice the character and Role experience by completing Train Route Free Roam Events and defending trains against robbers. Clearing gang hideouts will similarly pay out double the usual amount of experience.

Finally, players stand the chance to earn themselves some extra treasure this week through another of the update's incentives. You can get a free Treasure Map by shopping for the discounted Pamphlets which you can then follow to find yourself some goods.

"Looking for treasure in all the wrong places? Purchasing any Pamphlet this week will land you a free San Luis Shore Treasure Map that's sure to guide you in the direction of a hidden hoard of valuables (received within 72 hours of login)," Rockstar Games said. "To sweeten the deal, all Pamphlets unrelated to Roles are 30% off for the next seven days."

Red Dead Online's newest update is now live across all platforms.