Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime Credits The Wii-U's Failure For The Switch's Success

There is no denying the phenomenal success that the Nintendo Switch is having since its launch. [...]

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There is no denying the phenomenal success that the Nintendo Switch is having since its launch. The Big N is making good on their promise for a fantastic gaming experience as well as unprecedented third party support. The Switch is a huge win for Nintendo and one desperately needed after the surprising failure that the previous platform, the Wii-U, faced. But it is because of that failure, according to Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime, that the Switch could soar.

Fils-Aime recently sat down for a new interview with CNN to discuss what went wrong, and went right, during the recent years of Nintendo. When the Nintendo of America head asked about the confusing marketing the Wii U projected, he had this to say:

"We worked hard for the Nintendo Switch to make it crystal clear what the proposition is. It's a home system that you can take on the go, play anywhere with anyone, and that's resonating."

Gamers never really had a solid incentive to buy the Wii-U. Though it differed from its predecessor with the impressive touchscreen, the Wii U just didn't have the industry support it needed to survive. With an incredibly limited library and bare third party support, it didn't have the steady pace of new launches that was needed to be a success. But that misstep played a critical role with how the Big N approached the Nintendo Switch and we are seeing that plain as day with the continuous outpouring of third party support.

"Whether it's the big companies like Electronic Arts, or whether it's the smaller independent developer, we need those companies to create content to support us. We have that now with Nintendo Switch."

The Nintendo Switch offers classic Nintendo titles, modern spins on older franchises, and third party support with AAA titles (DOOM, Skyrim, etc). Because of this "steady pace," fans are getting what they were promised from the get go and that is where the true success of the hybrid console lies.