Report: Final Fantasy IX Could Be Coming To PlayStation 4

Square Enix is no stranger to taking its classic games and introducing them to a new audience, as [...]


Square Enix is no stranger to taking its classic games and introducing them to a new audience, as it's released a number of old-school favorites, like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age to PlayStation 4 a while back…not to mention that a revamped Secret of Mana is on the way.

But why stop there when there are other classics to explore? In this case, Final Fantasy IX, the PlayStation favorite that a lot of fans still have love for. A new PEGI listing has emerged, indicating that Square Enix could be making its way to Sony's latest console.

Final Fantasy IX was previously released on PC with an upgraded visual set-up, so that players could appreciate the classic adventure with better-than-usual graphics. No doubt the PS4 version could work the same way, instead of just being a straight-up port like Final Fantasy VII was. Final Fantasy XII went through that kind of overhaul, and fans have been eating it up since its release.

Square Enix hasn't confirmed the game's release on the system just yet, but considering that Sony is hosting a Tokyo Game Show press conference tonight – and Square will have some of its own announcements at the event this week – it's very likely that the game could be confirmed. And better yet, we might just get a release date.

In addition to upgraded visuals, the game could very well have Trophy support, just like the PC version did with its unlockable achievements. Again, though, we'll have to wait for official confirmation to come down before we jump too far ahead. We'll see what both Square and Sony have to say over the next few days.

So, with Secret of Mana on the way and Final Fantasy IX likely to be announced…can we finally see if Chrono Trigger is too far off? That's the one that many fans have been asking for – us included. Again, we'll have to see what Square has in mind over the next few days. Heck, we'll even take a port of Einhander at this point. Anyone remember that classic?

We'll let you know what's confirmed at the event.