Report: Visceral’s Star Wars Game Gets Even More Detail, Secondary Character

We’ve already heard a little bit about Visceral’s Star Wars game, based on a leak of [...]


We've already heard a little bit about Visceral's Star Wars game, based on a leak of information that came around a few weeks back, revolving around a main character named "Dodger." Now, the same site that reported that news,, has reported on even more potential details from that forthcoming game, including a secondary character that "Dodger" is likely to interact with.

This time around, we learn a little more about this character, named Robie Mattox, who will be "at the center of the story," according to the site. She'll serve not only as a helper to "Dodger", but also a possible lead character for a follow-up in the future. Here's the full breakdown from the site:

"Robie Mattox is a woman in her early thirties that is Dodger's partner in crime. She's a gunslinger with an attitude and is one of the only people Dodger can trust, both personally and in a fight. We cannot understate her importance to the series being laid out right now as she's our other main hero. Supposedly the plan is to have her take center stage in a sequel down the road.

Like most heroes in the Star Wars universe, Robie's parents were killed when she was young. She grew up an orphan on 1313 after being taken in by the Wandering Star crime family. Robie has some weird hangups. She doesn't like droids. Artificial life creeps her out. She would be right at home with Wuher at the cantina on Tatooine. This will apparently put her at odds with Doc, Dodger's field medic droid."

What's interesting here is the mention of 1313, which was the name of a mature-rated Star Wars adventure that was supposed to release years ago, but got cancelled when LucasArts was purchased and closed by Disney.

Furthermore, the character will apparently be played by Natalie Morales, who appeared in Grinder and Parks and Recreation. It indicates that Robie will carry "a Han Solo-style holster strapped around her right leg," a hat similar to the ones featured in Return of the Jedi (by the soldiers on Endor), and a sniper rifle as one of her main weapons.

Of course, this is all unofficial, since Electronic Arts didn't confirm anything (nor did Visceral or the game's writer, Uncharted's Amy Hennig). Still, if this comes to light, it could make for a real fantastic experience.

Visceral's Star Wars game is likely to arrive sometime in 2018.