Resident Evil 8 Reveal Date Possibly Revealed

The reveal date of Resident Evil 8 has possibly been revealed. At the moment of publishing, Capcom [...]

The reveal date of Resident Evil 8 has possibly been revealed. At the moment of publishing, Capcom hasn't officially announced the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC game, but it's heavily-rumored to be in development. In fact, recent rumors and reports about the game from a variety of sources are claiming it will be revealed soon. And now we may know when.

Capcom's Resident Evil Ambassador program has reportedly issued an update to its highest-ranked members revealing that some type of Resident Evil announcement will go down on June 10, which is a Wednesday. Unfortunately, the alleged update doesn't divulge any further details, leaving fans of the long-running survival-horror series with nothing but speculation.

At the moment, there's no way of verifying whether the new update is real, but the evidence presented seems to check out. For those that don't know: the Resident Evil Ambassador Program allows its members access to limited events, the ability to playtest games early, and much more. It's also been the source of a Resident Evil leak or two in the past.

Assuming the update is real, this could be for a lot of things. It could be something boring, like an announcement related to Resident Evil 3's multiplayer mode, Resistance. However, it's also quite possibly related to Resident Evil 8. As mentioned above, not only have we been hearing about the game for a while, but the rumor is it will be revealed soon. June 10 certainly fits this bill.

At the moment of publishing, Capcom has not commented or offered any type of clarification on this alleged teaser.

Resident Evil 8 is rumored to be in development for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC and rumored to release sometime in early 2021.

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