Resident Evil 9 Rumor Teases Jill Valentine Return

A new Resident Evil 9 rumor suggests Jill Valentine may be set to return. If true, it would be the [...]

A new Resident Evil 9 rumor suggests Jill Valentine may be set to return. If true, it would be the first mainline game the character has been in since Resident Evil 5, not including minor appearances in various DLC releases. In other words, it would be a big deal, if true. And for now, we really have to emphasis "if" for a variety of reasons.

According to prominent Resident Evil leaker, Dusk Golem, Jill Valentine is possibly set to have a prominent role in Resident Evil 9. Why do we say possibly? Well, because the leaker notes they aren't 100 percent sure of this information, noting the role may be for Resident Evil Outrage.

According to previous rumors, Resident Evil 9 -- which has yet to be confirmed -- will finish the trilogy that has been so far Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village. If this is the case, it's unclear how or why Jill Valentine would play a prominent role, but it's certainly possible.

Assuming Resident Evil 9 is set around the events of Resident Evil Village, Jill Valentine would be in her 50s. In other words, much older than players are used to seeing her, which is another reason why this may not be true.

That said, for now, take all of this information, and the speculation on top of it, with a grain of salt. The source in question has proven unreliable in the past, except when it comes to Resident Evil. When it comes to the Capcom survival-horror series, they have proven quite reliable. However, all of this is still unofficial information and the source in question isn't even entirely sure about the intel themselves. And of course, with the next mainline installment in the series likely a few years away, it's quite possible all of this information will eventually be outdated, even if it's true at the moment, as things in game development change all the time.

At the moment of publishing, Capcom hasn't addressed any of this with any type of comment or statement. Typically, it doesn't comment on rumors, reports, leaks, and anything of the unofficial and speculative variety. So, we don't expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.