Resident Evil Village Contains Hidden Secret in Final Cutscene That May Tease Resident Evil 9

Spoiler Warning: Plot details related to the entirety of Resident Evil Village are contained [...]

Spoiler Warning: Plot details related to the entirety of Resident Evil Village are contained within this article. If you don't want to know what happens within the game's story, don't read past this point.


If you have finished Resident Evil Village at this point, there's a good chance you're wondering just where Capcom might be taking the series next in the eventual Resident Evil 9. During the game's final cutscene, it was implied that Rose Winters, who is the daughter of Ethan, the game's primary protagonist, will be serving as the main character for the franchise moving forward. This is even more of a given considering that Ethan himself dies during the final moments of the climax within Resident Evil Village. However, based on some new information that has now come to light, it looks like Ethan might not be dead after all.

During the final cutscene of Resident Evil Village, Rose finds herself getting into a vehicle with an unnamed character before driving off into the horizon. The shot of this car driving away into the distance lingers for a bit longer than you'd expect, and as it does, a person can eventually be seen coming into view far away. Although we can't clearly see what happens, the vehicle itself seems to slow down next to this mysterious figure before the screen then cuts to black.

As for who that mysterious character might be in the distance? Well, it seems to be Ethan himself, somehow returning from the grave. Some fans happened to splice into the files of Resident Evil Village, and thanks to some additional help from the game's photo mode, it was discovered that the character that we see approaching the vehicle does indeed belong to Ethan.

Obviously, if this is the truth, it means that there are a multitude of questions to be had about just what is going to transpire in Resident Evil 9. Is this character really Ethan in the flesh, or is it perhaps a vision that someone like Rose might be having? And if Ethan is alive, how on earth did he survive the massive explosion that took place within the titular village? Even though Ethan avoided death numerous times throughout Resident Evil 7 and Village, that bomb going off really seemed to seal his fate.

All of these questions are certainly ones that we'll have to wait to learn more about whenever Resident Evil 9 does end up coming about. While Capcom itself hasn't even announced that this game is in the works, the fact that Village is already selling incredibly well means that we'll surely see more from this franchise soon enough.

So what do you think about all of this? Do you think Ethan could actually be alive? And what would you like to see from Resident Evil 9 when it does release? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.