Resident Evil Village Adding Highly-Requested New Features

Capcom has announced that it will be adding some new highly-requested features to Resident Evil Village later this year. In a general sense, Village is about to receive a major second wind later this fall as Capcom releases new DLC, a new game mode, and updates to Mercenaries in the latest Resident Evil game. And while this is likely what most fans of Resident Evil Village are focused on, the game is now said to be receiving some new quality of life tweaks in the coming months as well. 

Detailed on social media today, Capcom revealed that it would be releasing a new update for Resident Evil Village later this year that will add new accessibility options to the game. In short, these added features are meant to make the title that much easier to experience for certain players. Of the new settings that will be included in Resident Evil Village, Capcom has said that subtitle alterations, speaker name additions, closed captions, and the ability to permanently turn on a reticle will all be included. 

Even though Resident Evil Village was largely praised by both critics and fans alike last year when it was released, one aspect of the game that many did criticize came with its accessibility options. As such, to see that Capcom has listened to these complaints and is now looking improve the game on this front is a positive sign. It remains to be seen if anything else will be included in this future patch for RE Village, but we'll be sure to let you know if further announcements are made. 

This new update for Resident Evil Village should be going live later this year on October 28th and will come to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. On this same date, the new "Winters' Expansion" will also be arriving and will include a new third-person mode, added playable characters in The Mercenaries, and the Shadows of Rose DLC. The Shadows of Rose expansion, in particular, will be set after the events of Village and will continue the game's story. 

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