Rhythm Violence Game Thumper Coming To Xbox One Later This Month

If you haven’t played Drool’s incredibly tough (but very rewarding) music/rhythm game Thumper [...]


If you haven't played Drool's incredibly tough (but very rewarding) music/rhythm game Thumper yet, you are really in for something, Xbox One fans.

Following our review of the game from last year for another version of the game, we've learned that the developer has announced that the game will finally make its way to Xbox One later this month, on August 18th. It was previously released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

"We think Thumper shines on Xbox One," noted studio co-founder Marc Flury in an announcement earlier today. "The key element to 'rhythm violence' is how good it feels to play. So of course, the Xbox One controller is ideal for our game because it feels so dang good. We've fine-tuned the game's controls to feel perfect on the Xbox One. We also take advantage of the controller's impulse trigger vibrations. As you scrape into rails, slam into turns, and slide across lanes, you'll feel an immersive stereo vibration effect through the triggers."

In addition, the team noted that the game will be on Windows 10 Store as well that same day, complete with full integration with Xbox Live, so your progress and Achievements will carry over between the two platforms.

And we already know how gorgeous the game is, but Flury noted that it'll get a nice upgrade on Xbox One so that it looks even more "amazing in native 4K."

A price hasn't been given yet, but it shouldn't be that bad, going for about the same price as other versions.

Definitely check Thumper out when you get a chance – but prepare for a beatdown. No, really.