Riot Games Is Hiring for a League of Legends Cinematic Universe

Riot Games is already known to be working on the animated League of Legends series called Arcane, [...]

Riot Games is already known to be working on the animated League of Legends series called Arcane, but it seems that's not the extent of its plans. Two new job listings that have gone up on Riot's site indicate that the company is looking for people to help flesh out a "League of Legends cinematic universe" that'll encompass both scripted TV series as well as film. Perhaps most interesting of all is that both job listings reference live-action properties and not animated ones.

The listings related to the live-action productions (via IGN) can be found on Riot's careers page. Both of them are based in Los Angeles where Riot is headquartered with one of the job listings looking for a Global Head of Live Action TV while the other seeks a Global Head of Live Action Film. The specifics of the jobs differ depending on which one you're looking at, but the intent to build a new universe of League of Legends cinematics and productions is a goal shared between them.

"You will help build the strategy for Riot's Live Action Content Creation business, an endeavor that is just beginning," reads part of the job description for the Global Head of Live Action TV role. "You will lead the TV creative development team and all work related to the development of scripted series for the League of Legends cinematic universe and new franchises."

The "new franchises" bit of the job description is another interesting detail. Riot has produced more games than just League of Legends recently with the release of things like Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and more projects yet to be released, but they all center around the League of Legends universe itself.

Considering how many League of Legends cinematics Riot puts out for champion releases, events, esports competitions, and considering how impressive each of them are, it's surprising this sort of initiative is only just now happening. A two-minute cinematic obviously isn't the same as a full-fledged series, but League of Legends has been around long enough and has more than enough lore woven into its universe to lay the foundation for stories to be told through other mediums.

We don't yet know what will come of these new initiatives, but we know at least we'll be getting the Arcane series at some point in the future. It was supposed to be released sometime last year but was delayed to a 2021 release.