League of Legends Cinematic Confirms Viego as Newest Champion

League of Legends released a new cinematic on Friday during its Season 2021 reveals that gave a first look at the newest champion to come to the game. Viego, The Ruined King, clashed with Senna and Lucian in the cinematic that encompassed other champions like Poppy, Darius, and more spread out across Runeterra's many regions. Riot Games confirmed that Viego would be playable on the PBE soon and would get a full release later this month, and a gameplay preview shared after the reveal showed a snipped of what Viego can do.

The cinematic that served as Viego's reveal first showed Lucian and Senna speaking to one another before encountering The Mist, the ever-advancing force spilling out from the Shadow Isles. Heading into The Mist to fight its forces, the pair encountered Viego, the fabled character from the lore of League of Legends who is the Ruined King himself.

Throughout the cinematic, players could get a sense of the influence of both The Mist and Viego as his powers spread throughout different regions. Karma from Ionia and Darius from Noxus were affected by Viego's powers with the new champion's crown showing up on those champions' heads at times in the cinematic which apparently allowed him to take control of them until his hold was broken.

Shortly after the cinematic was revealed and Viego was confirmed, a brief gameplay clip showed how some of the powers teased during the cinematic would be implemented into his gameplay. After showing off some of his mobility, it was revealed that he apparently leaves behind a soul of a champion after killing them that looks like a mix between the passives of Lissandra and Senna. After selecting that soul, Viego is able to take on the abilities of that champion. The specifics of his abilities have not yet been announced at this time.

In a preview of what's to come throughout the rest of the year, it became evident that Viego's influence will be felt throughout the year. New champions that are releasing in League of Legends will be connected to Viego's story, Riot Games said, and outside of League of Legends, players will encounter Viego in Ruined King: A League of Legends story.


Viego will be playable in League of Legends soon on the PBE and will get a live release in January.