Rockstar Games Employee Accidentally Leaks Unannounced Game

A Rockstar Games employee may have just accidentally leaked a new game, which has naturally caught [...]

A Rockstar Games employee may have just accidentally leaked a new game, which has naturally caught the attention of not just GTA and Red Dead Redemption fans, but fans of Rockstar Games' dormant IP, such as Bully, Manhunt, and Max Payne. And it also caught the attention of Rockstar Games itself, because the leak has since been covered up, but not before the Internet got its receipt.

The leak comes the way of Ian Gander, a senior designer at Rockstar Games who has spent nearly 10 years at the company, and who recently updated their LinkedIn profile to remove the aforementioned leak. If you look at Gander's LinkedIn profile right now, there's nothing of consequence, but before the edit, it listed the following: "unannounced title(s): TBC."

Unfortunately, this is also Gander revealed. In other words, while we seemingly know that Rockstar Games has an unannounced project in the works, we have no clue what franchise it could be, though Rockstar's history and all of the recent rumors and reports suggest this is likely GTA 6. However, it could also be Bully 2, a reboot of Manhunt, Red Dead Redemption 3, or even a new IP. Again, more likely than not, the unannounced game Rockstar is working on is Grand Theft Auto VI, however, that's a gimmie. In other words, there's no point in referring to GTA 6 as an unannounced and TBC title, because we all know Rockstar is making a new Grand Theft Auto game, which is why some think this could be for an IP that isn't GTA or Red Dead.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. At the moment, we are in deep speculative territory, and there's no indication what this mysterious project is. Of course, Rockstar Games has -- at the very least -- one unannounced game in development because right now they have no announced games. And while there's some reason to believe it may not be Red Dead or GTA related, chances are, it is.

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