Rumor: Bully 2 Is In Development, Stars Jimmy Hopkins In College

The rumor mill is back, and this time it's claiming Rockstar Games is indeed working on Bully 2 [...]

The rumor mill is back, and this time it's claiming Rockstar Games is indeed working on Bully 2 alongside a new Grand Theft Auto. As you will know, rumors have been claiming a new Bully is in development for years, yet here we are, and Rockstar Games hasn't said a peep about the series. That said, a new rumor is claiming the developer is hard at work on a sequel, and is even claiming to know a few pertinent details about the project.

According to a user over on Reddit, players will once again be playing as Jimmy Hopkins in the sequel, who has traded life at boarding school for the college freshmen experience. As you will know, this mostly lines up with previous leaks and rumors about the game.

That said, off the bat, there seems to be a hole in this. Back in March, the voice actor of Jimmy, Gerry Rosenthal, claimed that while he would love to make a sequel, Rockstar Games hasn't contacted him about such a project. Now, he could be fibbing, but that seems very unlikely. It's also possible he isn't reprising the role. Jimmy is older now, so maybe Rockstar Games is opting for a different voice actor. Seems unlikely, but certainly possible.

That said, take this with a grain of salt or two. Not only does the source have no track record, but there seems to be some holes in the claim. According to the Reddit user, they heard all of this from two different sources, both games journalists. Meanwhile, they also have a friend who works at Rockstar Games that they seem to think is collaborating it. Again, the source and claims seem a bit shoddy, but that's what you get with the rumor mill. And hey, I've seen more dubious sources and claims come true in the past.

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