Sackboy: A Big Adventure Is Getting Returnal DLC

PlayStation announced some cross-promotional DLC this week by revealing that Sackboy: A Big [...]

PlayStation announced some cross-promotional DLC this week by revealing that Sackboy: A Big Adventure will soon play host to some DLC from Returnal. The DLC features at least two parts which consist of a costume and an emote that are both inspired by Returnal. The DLC will be available through the PlayStation Store starting on May 26th, though it hasn't been confirmed yet how much the Returnal content will cost.

You can check out the Sackboy: A Big Adventure DLC from Returnal below, or at least part of it. The costume is inspired by none other than Selene, the protagonist of Returnal who takes to space before crashlanding on Atropos and exploring its harsh biomes. It mirrors some of the promotional artwork used for Returnal and puts the Sackboy lead in a spacesuit like the one Selena wears.

Since that's only half of the DLC, there's still more to see whenever it's actually available. Players will get a special emote as well, but we of course haven't seen what that looks like yet. That content and how much it all costs should be revealed by May 26th when the DLC releases if not before.

While Sackboy: A Big Adventure is available in more than one version, this will be the first notable bit of DLC the game's gotten since its launch. Hopefully it'll establish a trend where other PlayStation games have a presence in the title whether they're from PlayStation 5 exclusives or PlayStation games in general, but that remains to be seen.

If you haven't yet played Sackboy: A Big Adventure, you'll soon have a chance to remedy that at a discount if you pick up the game during one of PlayStation's upcoming sales. As part of the Days of Play event, PlayStation announced that it'll be discounting several different PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games. The newest Sackboy title is among them, though it hasn't been said yet how much cheaper it'll be. The sale will start on May 26th, the same day the DLC releases.

Returnal is similarly worth the effort if you haven't experienced it yet, though that game's not going on sale just yet since it's still pretty new. For those hesitant about the roguelike structure of the game, know that the developers are looking into ways to incorporate some sort of a save system to appease those who've requested it.