Scarface Game Footage Leaks Online

Gameplay for a canceled sequel to Scarface: The World is Yours, a game from the PS2 era that essentially served as a non-canonical sequel to the film has surfaced online. Scarface: The World is Yours was a game from Radical Entertainment that largely tried to capitalize on the hype train of open-world crime games inspired by GTA. The game picked up where the Scarface film left off, except changed the ending to show Tony surviving the onslaught he's faced with in the movie. This allowed Tony to go and reclaim his empire and continue living as a criminal mastermind and open the world up for a new, original story that gamers could enjoy.

With that said, a sequel to Scarface: The World is Yours, titled Scarface Empire, was in development before Radical Entertainment was acquired by Activision. The game would've seen Tony moving to Las Vegas after there was a crackdown on drugs in Miami, resulting in Tony building his own casino and trying to claim his stake in Sin City. Some new pre-alpha gameplay from Mafia Gameplay Videos showcases what the game would've been like, as Tony engages in a shootout on the Las Vegas strip before stealing a car and peeling out. Of course, the gameplay is quite rough since the game was in the early stages of development, but if you want to see what could've been, you can view the gameplay below.

It looks like Scarface Empire could've been something pretty unique and capitalize on a setting few games have been able to pull off. Multiple crime games ranging from new IP and the Mafia series have attempted to take on Las Vegas as a setting, but most of them have been canceled or never left the concept stage. Who knows how this game would've actually turned out, but it looks like it would've been an interesting extension of the Scarface world and a fun way to continue the legacy of Tony Montana.

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