Sea of Thieves Shows Off New Trailer as Closed Beta Kicks Off

It's time to get excited, pirates, because the Sea of Thieves closed beta is kicking off and the [...]

It's time to get excited, pirates, because the Sea of Thieves closed beta is kicking off and the team behind the title are celebrating with a brand new trailer! The shared-world adventure is even more enticing with a brand new video while players themselves get to dive right in!

For those that pre-ordered the game, the closed beta is available to enjoy and the video above showcases the sillier aspects to the game's experience. Unfortunately, the beta is experiencing a few technical issues - which isn't unheard of, the purpose is for testing out the kinks before launch - but the team is actively working on a fix. For those that did not pre-order the title, there has yet to be an open beta announcement but there's still time since the game doesn't release until March!

For more about the game:

A Shared-World Adventure Game that lets you be the pirate you've always dreamed of in a world of danger and discovery. Explore a vast ocean where every sail on the horizon means a ship filled with real players who may be friends or foes. Form a crew and voyage to treasure-filled islands, face legendary creatures and test your mettle in epic ship battles against other pirates."

  • In Sea of Thieves, every sail on the horizon is a crew of real players, but what might their intensions be? Perhaps they're seeking peaceful parley, plotting to deprive you of your hard-earned plunder or simply itching to enjoy the thrill of a good battle on the high seas. How you choose to respond may mean the difference between resounding triumph and a close-up look at the ocean floor.

  • Shared-World Adventure Game created by Rare Ltd. Be the pirates you want to be in a shared world filled with real players.
  • It's your crew VS the world.
  • A rich, fantastical world of unspoiled islands, monsters and mythical creatures.
  • Sail together on voyages to distant shores on the hunt for riches and renown. Unravel ancient riddles, face off against hordes of monstrous creatures or plunder from other pirate crews – the choice is yours!

Sea of Thieves officially sets sail on March 20th of this year.