Secret World Legends Exposes a Supernatural War This June

The supernatural MMO RPG The Secret World is completely re-branding and re-launching this June as [...]

The supernatural MMO RPG The Secret World is completely re-branding and re-launching this June as the free-to-play Secret World Legends. Like the original, Secret World Legends will take players on a thrilling journey, deep into the heart of a long-waged supernatural war that has been driving the core missions of secret societies for ages. Sounds intense, right? Get the basic overview in this brand new trailer:

What is Secret World Legendsby WWG

The core concepts and themes that made The Secret World such a huge success when it first launched are still whole and intact. In fact, Secret World Legends now empowers players to explore this giant conspiracy more freely than ever. All the changes have been changes for the better, and the commonly cited complaints from players of The Secret World have been addressed in Legends.

From the official press release: "Secret World Legends features a revamped combat system, newly designed progression system, updated visuals, and more.

"You can choose to explore and uncover the story by yourself, or you can team up with other players. In the game's central hub, Agartha, you can meet and socialize with hundreds of other players, while player population in the adventure areas beyond will be tightly controlled to make sure that the experience is as immersive as possible and that the focus remains on you and your journey."

If this is your first experience with Funcom's supernatural conspiracy thriller, you're in for a chilling treat. You'll take part in a global, invisible war in an adventure that crosses the real world with the realms of ancient myth and legend.

"As players traverse the globe unraveling complex investigations into the unknown, they'll need to uncover clues and use their own wits as much as their characters' abilities. A highly extensive and customizable arsenal of firearms, weapons, gear and otherworldly powers will give players the strength to battle the forces of darkness as they dig deeper into these vast and mysterious lands. Players can go at it alone and enjoy the over 100 hours of story at their own pace, or team up with others as they explore the world and unravel its mysteries."

Check it out when it hits Steam on June 26, and stay tuned to WWG for more!