Sega Shop Black Friday Sale Going On Now, Save Big!

Whether you are looking to relieve the glory that is The Revenge of Shinobi series, or just gotta [...]

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Whether you are looking to relieve the glory that is The Revenge of Shinobi series, or just gotta go fast with Sonic the Hedgehog - there are tons of awesome deals going on now at the newly opened Sega Shop online store for Black Friday. T-shirts, figures - even cartridge-shaped soap! There's tons of deals to save you a few bucks just in time for the holidays!

The Revenge of Shinobi sale includes tshirts and hoodies with the classic cover art to show love to a 1989 classic! Anywhere between 15-20% off of several different designs, sizes, and colours to rehash a beloved classic.

There are also a few deals going on for the Sonic lovers looking to score some savings, including an exclusive Sonic Forces tee for a discounted $19.95, the classic Sonic plus for $15.26, and the almost too good to actually use Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis soap seen below. It's just too realistic! You almost don't even want to use it in order to keep it in pristine condition. It also makes a fantastic stocking stuffer!

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For those looking just to show off their Sega love period, regardless of the franchise, there are a ton of deals on notebooks, blankets, t-shirts, hoodies, and more in the rest of the store. The classic logo for the classically trained, the notebooks offered are also a neat homage to a plethora of Sega staples in an awesome collage of memorable characters:

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For all of the phone cases, collectibles, apparel and more on sale, as well as just their entire amazing shop in general, you can check out the official Sega Shop right here. There are tons of ways to show off what you love most, and now for an even better price! For more of our top Sega picks, you can also check out some of their more intricate collectible pieces from their grand opening.