Rumor: Sega’s New Sonic Racing Game May Have an Official Title

This past week was a huge one for Sega, as it revealed all its upcoming plans for its iconic hero, [...]

Sonic Racing

This past week was a huge one for Sega, as it revealed all its upcoming plans for its iconic hero, Sonic the Hedgehog – including a new racing game that is sure to get fans revved up.

But, thanks to a new piece of info at Resetera, we may have learned what this new racing game is going to be called. And while fans of the best-selling Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed may be mildly disappointed it's not a sequel to that franchise, it does have some notable nostalgia going for it.

A Twitter user by the name of Zachary Bragg has posted a GIF of what appears to be the official title for the game, Super Sonic Racing. It does look like it fits with the teaser trailer for the game, which only showed off a glowing red "R" in the left corner and hinted at the rest of the title. Bragg didn't reveal his source as to where he obtained the image and GIF.

You can see Bragg's post below, along with Sega's trailer on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account for comparison.

We also included a full image of the title below. It looks pretty legitimate, though the slight curvature of the "O" in Sonic might be questionable, and the centering appears to be very slightly off at first glance. And since Sega hasn't officially unveiled the title yet, it could be fake, so take it with a grain of salt.

Super Sonic Racing 2
(Photo: Resetera)

That said, if this does end up being the official title of the game, it should be a great callback to a classic Sonic racing game.

The racing game Sonic R came out some time ago for the Sega Saturn, featuring Sonic and company racing around on foot through a number of events. Part of that game's soundtrack included a song called "Super Sonic Racing," which you can listen to below.

Sega likely won't reveal the official name of the game until around E3, as it's trying to save up as many surprises for the show as it can. So, for the time being, we can only guess if it'll be called Super Sonic Racing or not.

Whatever the case, we should be doing a huge amount of laps with this game sometime later this year. Although platforms haven't been revealed, judging by past Sonic game debuts, we should see it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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