Shadow Of War Is “Light Years Ahead” Of Shadow Of Mordor, Says Developer

Even though its recent delay into October may be a bit hard for fans to swallow, Middle-Earth: [...]


Even though its recent delay into October may be a bit hard for fans to swallow, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will likely benefit from the delay, enabling the developers at Monolith to put even more polish into it, so it's a much bigger, more rewarding adventure.

In fact, the game will be getting some huge presence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week, with WB Games hosting a live stream to showcase it in action, amongst other titles. And, according to vice president of creative for the company Michael de Plater, it's already miles ahead of what the original game looks like – and it's not even finished with development yet.

Said de Plater, "This build is old, there's a bunch of stuff we fixed already. We're embarrassed to even show it, our E3 build is light years ahead. The thing that we've learned during the course of making this game, is how much Shadow of War is bigger than the previous game in every dimension. The size of the game, the number of enemies, the complexity of the combat system, the Nemesis system…

"The process of actually testing, debugging, fixing bugs is just absolutely massive. We know that when this game ships, the level of polish and stability and balance has to be that of Shadow of Mordor, so there's a really high bar that we have to meet."

It is a high bar that's set for Shadow of War, especially considering how fundamentally well the original Shadow of Mordor managed to sell. Still, the game should receive quite the ovation next week, with more details regarding its Nemesis system, as well as gameplay that really shows off just what your hero will be able to do when it comes to facing off against an endless parade of Orcs.

We'll let you know of any news that comes from the game following its reveal next week, as well as any information leading up to its release this October. But if you're a fan of the series, you're considerably in good hands.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases on October 10th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.