Warner Bros. Interactive Will Host Full Show Live Stream From E3 Next Week


Warner Bros. Interactive, aka WB Games, is fully aware that not everyone will be able to make the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week. Tickets are already sold out, and there are those that can’t really afford the accommodations that come with staying in Los Angeles. But not to worry – the publisher has you guys covered.

It’s announced today that it will host a special WB Games Live! event that will take place over the course of the three day event, where fans can tune in and see what’s happening with the latest games that are on the way from the publisher. This includes a closer look at forthcoming titles like Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the newest fighters for Injustice 2, the latest expansions for Lego Dimensions, the forthcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, and any other announcements that the team might have lined up for the show.

Yes, more Lego Dimensions. WB Games already mentioned that it has a three-year plan for the game, and we’ve already seen two, so look for even more franchises to be tackled, including the possibility of a new Justice League expansion, amongst others.

As for surprises, who knows. We could see a new Batman game, possibly a sequel to Origins; and there’s also whispers that Rocksteady, the creators of the Batman: Arkham series, could be hard at work on a new Superman game. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The show will begin streaming this Tuesday, June 13th, during E3’s operating hours, and will continue on through Wednesday, June 14th and Thursday, June 15th. Different presentations are being planned each day, within 20-30 minute blocks, so you’ll have ample opportunity to see what’s updated. The streams can be watched here.

It appears that Shadow of War could be getting the biggest focus, but the publisher hasn’t outlined an official schedule yet, so we’ll see what’s coming in the week ahead. There will be lots of fun to go around, though, and there could also be some giveaways lined up with the streams, so make sure to tune in.