The Man At Arms Team Have Made Shovel Knight’s Shovel Blade a Reality

Those guys over at Man At Arms are something else. They take it upon themselves to create [...]

Those guys over at Man At Arms are something else. They take it upon themselves to create legendary weapons on a nearly-weekly basis, including iconic video game weapons. And while we're waiting for the obvious episode where the axe from the new God of War is rebuilt, we can sit back and enjoy the team's latest offering, in which it recreates an iconic weapon from Yacht Club Games' indie favorite Shovel Knight.

It's a change of pace from the much more dramatic weapons from the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and League of Legends, but the team proved to be up to the task when remaking the infamous shovel blade that our hero carries with him in Shovel Knight. The 16-minute video above not only details the creation of the weapon, but also how well it's used in a skirmish, like when facing off against rival knights or taking out a gallon of defenseless blue milk. (It was asking for it.)

The team didn't make the weapon like a typical blade. Instead, it did some crafting to make sure it was accurate to the video game version, from the set-up of the grip (complete with handle, of course) to the blade itself. And, yes, the weapon does have some blue paint touch-ups, because Shovel Knight.

Although how the weapon would fare against more serious swords wasn't revealed (it'd make for an interesting battle), the shovel blade looks like a great one-of-a-kind weapon, and it wouldn't surprise us if Man-At-Arms managed to make a bunch of these so they could get in weekly knight skirmishes. We'd definitely join that league if we were given the opportunity.

Check out the episode above, which is a lot of fun. And it also teaches you a thing or two about crafting weapons, even if you may not have all the resources that these guys have available. While you're at it, check out the other videos on their channel to see what else they've created – it's an interesting array of weaponry.

Shovel Knight is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch and PC.