Shroud Tells Twitch Viewers When He Plans to Retire

Michael 'Shroud' Grseziek has a large and faithful following, and as long as that continues, the [...]

Michael "Shroud" Grseziek has a large and faithful following, and as long as that continues, the Twitch streamer has no plans to ever retire. During a recent stream, Shroud addressed how long he intends to stay in the game, stating that he has every intention on continuing to do so as long as the viewers are interested in following him. He also went on to call streaming the "easiest job" ever, and said that he could even see himself doing the job by the time he reaches 80. That last part is probably a bit hyperbolic, but clearly Shroud remains passionate!

"As long as like you guys are here, I'm not going anywhere. There's like no reason for me to quit," said Shroud. "As long as I am making money, that's obviously most important making money, and I make money with you guys being here... so as long as you guys are here I make money, I keep doing it. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm here for another 10, 15 years, maybe more."

While Shroud might find streaming to be easy, not everyone feels the same way; the job can definitely take a toll on some streamers. Shroud and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins famously left Twitch for Mixer in 2019, but the two streamers struggled to make the same impact with the latter company, despite their efforts. Ninja apparently found the experience so frustrating that he contemplated retiring altogether. Shroud and Ninja both ended up back at Twitch, where they seem much happier, but the experience showed how streaming can take a toll.

The rise of video game streaming has been amazing to watch, and its impact on the overall industry has been incalculable; countless viewers have discovered games they otherwise wouldn't have because of streamers like Shroud. It remains to be seen whether or not streaming is here to stay, or if viewers will eventually move on to the next big thing. However, if Shroud continues to draw in large crowds, it seems that fans can count on the streamer remaining part of the game for a long time to come.

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[H/T: Dexerto]