'Silent Hill' and 'Resident Evil' Intros Remastered by Fan In Full HD Glory

With the Resident Evil 2 remake still being the talk of the gaming community for how incredibly well-done it was with bringing the tale into this generation, another fan decided to pay a similar respect to the very first game in the franchise, as well as the original Silent Hill, thanks to an intro HD makeover.

You can see the stunning Silent Hill intro remastered in HD in the video at the top of the article, with the original Resident Evil getting the same treatment in the video below:

The graphically pleasing nod comes from YouTuber 'Marcelus Castle Rain'. With Resident Evil's opening now in 4K and Silent Hill's in 1080p, it's incredible to see both experiences updated though a full-on Resident Evil 2-style remake wouldn't be something we'd turn down.

Though it doesn't look like a new Silent Hill is in the cards anytime soon, Capcom did mention that they would be open to making a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake if fans "wanted it" bad enough. Given the immediate fan reaction, it's pretty safe to say that this move would be very well-received by long-time fans.

The publisher has mentioned in the past that they were interested in bringing even more remakes into this generation following the success they've seen so far. In fact, they even said they would be willing to remake a remake!

"We’ve got a lot of fans who ask for their favorite games, but we’re not going to commit to anything right now," Director Kazunori Kadoi recently told Game Informer. "We’d like to keep our possibilities open for the future and see what makes the most sense when we come to it. We don’t want to feed just nostalgia. We want to bring [out] how people felt about the original games and if we can, reimagine it in a way so that it bridges the generation gap between people who played it 20 years ago and newcomers."


Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was a beloved entry into the franchise and seeing all of the work Capcom has done to bring Resident Evil 2 into this generation, we're looking forward to seeing even more of what this team can do. And if that means we can nudge the Silent Hill team to do the same... well, that's just a win / win!

Thoughts on the above fan remakes? What other classic experiences would you like to see make it over into this gen? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy.