Sims 4 Grim Reaper Revealed And He's Kind Of Hot, Actually ...

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Sure, he might be a symbol for life as we know it coming to an end as he takes away our loved ones to the beyond ... but really, semantics. With a pretty face like that, you can get away with murder. Or at least, taking away the souls of the murdered. Either way, we're oddly feeling the Sims 4 Grim Reaper de-hooded.

One Sims 4 fan took to Reddit to reveal that she added the Grim Reaper to her family and was able to remove his hood to show a delightful discovery for all those thirsty (Most were expecting the ugly previous renditions or just a sack of bones). What makes this hilarious is that the Grim Reaper de-hooded in Sims 3 was just odd, but apparently the developers felt like he needed a stud muffin makeover. You know, for science. Below is the image she shared of what he looks like without the traditional garb:

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(Photo: Corveaux via Reddit)

The comment section was surprisingly wholesome, and the conversation quickly turned adorable:

Grim Reaper

As far as how to get the Grim Reaper in his au natural state, here is how Corveaux did it:

"Grim has a hood under hair, robe under full body, and "shoes" under shoes. You need to remove all three to see his full body, but only the hood in hair under everyday to see his face. All other outfits (formal, athletic, etc) have the hood and costume bits attached under hair. Grim will keep his spooky voice as a "human" and he will also keep his scythe, black fog, and will float instead of walk."


Make a few Sims, kill one, add the Reaper to your family, remove the hood, and voila! Grim Reaper meets stud. It's weird, but let's be real - so is MOST of the Sims franchise.