Sly Cooper 5 Rumored to Be in Development at PlayStation

A new series of rumors have recently come about suggesting that the fifth entry in PlayStation's [...]

A new series of rumors have recently come about suggesting that the fifth entry in PlayStation's classic Sly Cooper franchise could be in the works. Although the series as a whole hasn't been seen since 2013's Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, it sounds as though some at Sony are finally looking to return to it for the PlayStation 5. However, the form in which it could be coming back still isn't known.

A number of rumors related to Sly Cooper 5 have been coming about over the past few days and weeks. The rumors first started on 4chan, when one alleged insider claimed that Sucker Punch Productions, which is the studio that developed the first three Sly titles, would be looking to make a new installment. This post was quickly deleted, however, and given that all users on 4chan are anonymous, it became nearly impossible to know how seriously this should be taken.

Not long after this instance came about, though, one of the more notable video game industry insiders in recent months came forward and shared what he has heard on the situation. Taking to a Reddit thread that was talking about the previous 4chan situation, Nick Baker, who has had many accurate leaks and scoops throughout 2021, mentioned that he has actually been told that Sly Cooper could be coming back as well. Baker didn't have much information to share on what he's heard, but he did say that one studio seems to be working on a potential Sly Cooper 5 at the moment. Baker stressed that he's heard Sucker Punch isn't the one that would be making it, though, which would make sense given that the studio is likely now busy with Ghost of Tsushima, which will surely be receiving a follow-up in the future.

So how much stock should we put into this situation? Well, it's really hard to say. Sly Cooper remains a beloved franchise in the hearts of many PlayStation fans, and given how long it has been away, it would make sense for Sony to look to bring it back in some capacity. That being said, with Sucker Punch likely being tied down to Ghost of Tsushima for the foreseeable future, it's hard to know who would even make a new Sly Cooper game. Essentially, cross your fingers and hope that these rumors end up being truthful, but for the time being, you should take all of this with a pretty big grain of salt.

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