SNES Classic Returns to Best Buy Tomorrow

Missed your chance to get your all-too-nostalgic hands on the Super NES Classic Edition? Fear not! [...]


Missed your chance to get your all-too-nostalgic hands on the Super NES Classic Edition? Fear not! According to a press release from Best Buy today, the console will be making its way back to shelves tomorrow, November 25th, for anyone who missed out last time. The SNES Classic -- which is basically a miniature version of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System -- comes with 21 pre-installed games and includes everything that players need to get started.

It looks like the chain is taking this release pretty seriously: a ticketing system is being set up for hopeful buyers who turn up in time for Best Buy's 9AM opening time. Anyone wishing to snag the system will need to arrive early, though: despite the proposed organization, all tickets will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Despite demand for the game system falling short of that for the previously-released NES Classic, it's been pretty impossible to find this system on shelves. While no Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals followed the announcement, showing up early might be worth it for those who have been holding out. The SNES Classic Edition will only be available in limited quantities, and anyone hoping to pick it up online is totally out of luck, since the system will only be available in stores. Making things just a bit more frustrating, only 1,000 stores will see the system shipped to their doors, so make sure to check with yours before you make the journey.

For anyone looking at potential alternatives, it looks like Toys R' Us is receiving a shipment of SNES Classic Editions as well.

The SNES Classic Edition released in September and costs $79.99, which includes the games it comes with. Among the classic titles that the system boasts are Super Metroid, Star Fox and Star Fox 2, Super Mario Kart, and F-ZERO. While getting one home has proven more difficult for potential players, small waves of releases like these seem reassuring for anyone hoping to buy an SNES Classic Edition before they go out of production.