SOMA, Amnesia Developer Updates Teaser Site for New Game

Frictional Games, the creators of games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, just recently updated a site that's been set up to tease their next game. A site which previously contained only a few succinct words that said the developer's next project hadn't been announced yet has now removed those words in favor of an eerie symbol that one can only assume will make more sense once the full project is revealed.

The teaser site that's aptly called "" can be seen here (thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun), but don't expect to figure much out about the studio's next project just from visiting it. Amid some usual menu options for sites like this including a link back to the main Frictional Games site, social media links, and an option to sign up for a newsletter, there's some sort of pulsing orb in the center of the screen. It looks as though it's got something splintering off of it around its perimeter, though there's nothing else on the site.

The site has definitely been updated though, at least between now and November 2019. This update appears to have occurred sometime before most studios took their holiday breaks since there are reports of this update happening from late in December. An archived version of the site from November 28th shows what it looked like prior to the update with the menus located at the top above a line that said "Our next project has not yet been announced."

Frictional Games has been pretty quiet in general as of late, especially when it comes to news about the company's next project. The announcement above which was shared on December 20th said that the main Frictional Games site had been updated for the first time in five years both in terms of content and design. Perhaps the teaser site for the next game was updated around the same time.


It's unknown what kind of game Frictional Games is working on next, but one would imagine that it's going to be a horror game given the studio's past triumphs. The studio's SOMA and Amnesia games are regarded as excellent examples of the survival horror genre, so expect the developer to try and imitate those successes whenever it announces and releases its next game.