Nordic-Inspired Song of Iron Game Gets a Release Date

Those who tuned into Xbox’s Twitch Gaming showcase earlier in the year probably caught a glimpse [...]

Those who tuned into Xbox's Twitch Gaming showcase earlier in the year probably caught a glimpse of Song of Iron, the new game from Joe Winter of Resting Relic Studio. The Nordic-inspired game impressed during the event with its moody settings and its combat mechanics with players able to go hands-on with it recently during a beta event. As of Friday, that game now has a release date as well with Winter announcing that it'll be available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms on August 31st.

Winter announced the August release date for the game on Friday with the reveal of the trailer below that shows off more of those scenic areas and axe-slinging combat. If the game already had your attention before or now does after seeing the trailer, you've got just over a month to go before you can add it to your library.

In case you didn't pick up on it from the trailer, Song of Iron is indeed a side-scroller game. Flaming weapons, stomps, and other abilities get mixed into the combat that features not only other human combatants but mythological creatures, too.

"Song of Iron is an intense side scrolling action adventure, set in a dark Nordic world," a preview of the game shared on Steam said. "Your journey to save your people will lead you into hard hitting visceral combat with man and monster alike, through many beautiful forests, caves, mountain tops and into a mystery that runs through the entire world."

While the game will indeed come to Xbox platforms, it's not coming to Xbox Game Pass – at least, not right now. Winters was asked about the game on social media and said that Game Pass wasn't happening right now but that he was open to the idea.

With the game's release date now announced, it's now up for pre-orders on Xbox platforms and can be added to wishlists on the PC via Steam. It'll be released on August 31st and is currently priced at $19.99.