Sonic The Hedgehog Comics Will Continue With New Publisher

For fans of Sonic the Hedgehog’s comics that have enjoyed reading about Sonic’s adventures [...]

Sonic 3
(Photo: Archie Comics)

For fans of Sonic the Hedgehog's comics that have enjoyed reading about Sonic's adventures that were brought to readers through a partnership between Sega and Archie Comics, news that the partnership was coming to an end might have had readers worried about the future of Sonic the Hedgehog comics. But moving just as fast as Sonic would hope, a new publisher has already been announced that will create more Sonic the Hedgehog comics in the very near future.

IDW Publishing is the comic and graphic novel company that has picked up a partnership with Sega to create more Sonic comics, a decision that was announced today during the events at San Diego Comic Con.

According to representatives from IDW Publishing, they're going to have more news to follow regarding the direction that they plan on taking the comics coming soon.

"We've been speaking with beloved Sonic fan-favorite creators and new creators alike, and are excited to be able to spread specifics about our plans for the comic in the near future," said Chris Ryall, IDW's Chief Creative Officer.

A member of the team that oversees Sonic as a character also commented on the new partnership, saying that they're quite optimistic about the upcoming transition.

"We are ecstatic about this partnership with IDW," said Ivo Gerscovich, Chief Brand Officer for Sonic the Hedgehog. "We know they'll serve as a good home for the new adventures of Sonic, his friends and foes."

As far as the specifics regarding the team that'll work on the comics and which writer or artist will be chosen to lead the project, those details are still unknown. But with how fast Sega and both IDW are moving regarding the transition, there will surely be more news to come soon. IDW Publishing posted through their Twitter account to confirm the news and added that the comics are expected to come in 2018.

IDW Publishing has been involved with the production of several other popular series in the past including Ghostbusters, My Little Pony, and Star Trek, so it appears as though Sonic will be in good hands at his new home.