SoundCloud Makes Its Debut On Xbox One

Microsoft seems to be doing a better job when it comes to introducing new features to its Xbox One [...]

Microsoft seems to be doing a better job when it comes to introducing new features to its Xbox One console – and chances are we'll be seeing a lot of them get enhanced when the Project Scorpio drops as well.

But, for the time being, a new streaming service will make it easier to listen to your favorite songs while you game – SoundCloud!

The popular music service is now available as an app on your Xbox One console, and can be downloaded through the app store. With it, you can listen to a variety of music and playlists set up with different artists, created by you. For good measure, you can also play songs during games, and take control of your music-playing if you have Cortana set up.

The Upload is another service that's being introduced with SoundCloud's debut. With it, you'll be able to track down songs that are actually similar to your particular tastes and styles of music on a daily basis. In the mood for 80's hair metal? The service will find you a few tunes from Twisted Sister or the like. Maybe you want something by a particular artist? It'll find what you need.

Better still, SoundCloud works across the board on Xbox One, so even if you subscribe to SoundCloud Go+ or just regular ol' SoundCloud Free, you'll nevertheless be able to use it and listen to your favorite tunes, whether you're playing a high-octane action game like Gears of War 4 or gleefully cruising along in Forza Horizon 3. In fact, SoundCloud sets up key opportunities to enjoy these with your own custom tunes, like death metal for Gears or, hey, maybe some easy listening for Forza – if you're into that sort of thing.

Check out the trailer above to get an idea of how SoundCloud works with the service. Again, it's free to download and check out, and who knows, it might just change the way you normally play games. Even if it is to something like Barry Manilow. Who knows, maybe "Copacabana" will push a better performance out of you. (Or maybe not.)