Spider-Man PS4 Interview: Will Peter Parker Quit and Choose a New Spidey?

We've learned so much about Marvel's Spider-Man in the past few months, but to this day all we can [...]

We've learned so much about Marvel's Spider-Man in the past few months, but to this day all we can say for sure is that it is coming to PlayStation 4 on September 7. The folks at Insomniac Games and Marvel have weaved a great web of mysteries that we're still navigating, and the more we learn, the more excited we get. Today, amid the insanity that is San Diego Comic-Con, we were honored to chat with the game's lead writer Jon Paquette about Peter Parker's mysterious new job. You can see the full interview in the video above!

You see, we know that Peter Parker is a budding scientist of sorts in this new game. We know that he's a little bit older (meaning he's no longer a high-school kid), and we know that he's a little bit wiser. This isn't the moody Daily Bugle photographer we've met a dozen times before. Insomniac has kept Peter's specific profession under wraps, and apparently, his actual job is a spoiler. When interrogated about Peter's job, this is what Paquette had to say:

"He's a scientist. When we said we wanted a more experienced Peter Parker we all went back to that time when we had just graduated college, we were in our early 20s, we were just starting our careers... To be that young and have all of that energy and feeling like 'my job is going to change the world,' that's something our Peter Parker struggles with. He thinks 'maybe I can change the world and save more people with my job as a scientist than I can as Spider-Man. He has that internal struggle he's dealing with."

This is is fascinating, because it could be an indication that we're dealing with not only a more experienced Spider-Man, but possibly a weary Spider-Man. Could it be that Peter Parker has grown tired of his role as the city's hero? After all, most of the trailers we've seen indicate that he's not thought of as a hero at all. Norman Osborn and the city police have wrapped Spider-Man in a cloak of villainy that is just as repulsive as the villains against whom he fights.

Now we know that Peter Parker has an intense internal struggle, and is weighing the values of his role as Spider-Man against his role as a scientist. Could he truly do more for the world as a citizen than he can as Spider-Man, and if that's the case, could it be time to hang up the suit and put an end to the heroics? We're starting to think that we could see this question come up in the game.

But if Peter Parker decides that he no longer wants to be Spider-Man, who will step up and stand up to all of those masked super-villains? This could create an opportunity for an alternate Spider-Man to enter the scene. We think there's a very good chance we'll see another Spider-Man in this game, and you can read more about that here.