Spyro Treasure Trilogy Accidentally Confirmed by Target on Twitter

Target may have just let the dragon out of the bag way before it was supposed to. For weeks now [...]

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Target may have just let the dragon out of the bag way before it was supposed to. For weeks now there have been rumors circulating about a Spyro trilogy remaster. Apparently it will be called the Spyro Treasure Trilogy, and will contain the first three Spyro games faithfully recreated with the same love and care that Crash Bandicoot fans enjoyed. Someone tweeted at Target to ask when "Spyro" pre-orders are going live, and they got a much better response than any of us could have hoped for:

You guys see why this is a big deal, right? The original question didn't say anything about "Treasure Trilogy," and unless that Target employee just happens to be a huge gaming fan who is in touch with all of the latest news and rumors, we don't know how they would have known to call this Treasure Trilogy at all. Actually, come to think of it, we're surprised Target answered at all considering a Spyro remaster hasn't even been confirmed yet. Surely they know something that we don't!

What's more, the tweet is encouraging everyone to check back for availability. If Target has this in their system, then we could be due for an official reveal in the very near future. Indeed, we were looking forward to a reveal last week which never materialized, so maybe this is what we've been waiting for.

UPDATE: Omg people are still getting information out of them:

Either way, there are two things that we can be sure of: The first is that old-school gamers are incredibly excited. The second is that someone at Target is going to get fired soon. The responses to this tweet were hilarious, and everyone seems to feel pretty bad about this employees prospects:

R.I.P. Target employee. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten!